How To Get Battle Points In Mini Militia? (Complete Guide)

Mini Militia is a 2D multiplayer shooting game where you can enjoy an online battling system. It is entirely free to play, and you can also play with your friends and challenge them. You will become more powerful and upgrade your levels if you get more points in the game. This game is available on Android and iOS devices; you can enjoy it in a single-player or multiplayer mode. You can also enjoy this game offline; you don’t need an internet connection.

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_How To Get Battle Points In Mini Militia

Every gamer wants to get more battling points than their competitors and beat them to become a pro player. You must meet some preconditions if you want to get battle points in Mini Militia MOD APK for free. Today we tell you some steps to get battle points in Mini Militia.

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How to Hack Battle Points in Mini Militia on Android? 

Below are some requirements for getting battle points in Mini Militia. You can get battle points in the game if you fulfill these requirements. 

How to Hack Battle Points in Mini Militia on Android
  • 1- A root navigator
  • 2- Rooted Android device

This hack only works when you play this game at least once online. After this, you can disconnect internet access then you are ready to go and easily get points in tha game.

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How to get free Battle points in Mini Militia with root?

To get free battle points in a Mini Militia game, follow the instructions below. Following these guidelines, you can easily get the battle points for free. Here are some steps.

Battle points in Mini Militia with root
  • Play a Mini Militia game in online mode at least once, ensuring your battle points and all related details will be saved in your mobile phone data folder.
  • After that, turn off your internet connection; if you sync your device and Mini Militia servers with an internet connection, it may not work.
  • Open any root navigator app after minimizing your game.
  • Move to the device folder on your Android device.
  • This device folder has another Date named folder; you can approach it by navigation.
  • In the data folder, you will see another data named folder; open it. 
  • In this second data folder, you will have all the data files of all applications installed on your device. Then you need to search the data folder of Doodle Army 2 Mini Militia Old Version Hack. A data file of Mini Militia name is com. Appsomniacs.
  • The shared preferences folder is placed in com. Appsomniacs.
  • In the shared preference, you will find a file named Cocos2dxprefsfile. Xml. You can edit files in any editor which you like.
  • There, you will see lots of values related to your game, then find a phrase code in the file as value LBkey. Points = 1000. You can keep any number of points and must replace the value field because value changes from player to player.
  • Save the game, then open it. The game will have as many points as you edit first.
  • Now turn on your internet connection, play game online, and impress your friends by being a pro player.
  • Above, some simple steps are given: follow them and get battle points for free without spending any money.

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