Mini Militia Old Versions Hack 2015 to 2023 (All Versions)

mini militia old version

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✍️ App NameMini Militia Old Versions
📥 Size42 MB to 49 MB
📱 Old Versions5.3.7, 5.3.4, 5.3.3, 5.3.2, 5.3.1, 5.3.0, 5.2.1, 5.2.0, 5.0.6, 5.0.4, 4.3.5, 4.3.1, 4.2.8, 4.2.7, 4.2.6, 4.2.5, 4.2.4, 4.2.2
🔗 MOD FeaturesNo Ads, Unlimited Grenades
🎮 GenreAction – Shooter Game
🤵 DeveloperAppsomniacs LLC
🔄 Updated4 Hours Ago
📲 Android Requires4.1 and Up

The Mini Militia Old Version is an intensively adventurous warfare game with leading shooting weapons and epic strategic strokes that enhance the demand for the game to a greater extent. The game is specified as Doodle Army 2 and made a blockbuster battle concert by

It is a unique jetpack fly action module with several futuristic shooting tactics and weapons. The game is a powerful manifestation of versatility and functionality that goes side-by-by in its gameplay. Additionally, it is full of multiple features that are making it a safe and secure gaming hub to be entertained at no cost and no rooting need.

mini militia old version

So, download the old version of Mini Militia-Doodle Army 2 on your android from the below-mentioned link and get a powerful entertainment slot for yourself. For more expanded content and context you can also go for the Mini Militia Old Version Hack.

Mini Militia Old Version Overview

For the extended jetpack action and shooting combo, a deliberated battleship game like the Mini Militia -Doodle Army is the top choice of the players. The game has a strong motive, simple but addictive gameplay, and a fast-paced but easy-running operatory mechanism. It gets worked on clicks and downloaded with the same click initiative with multiplayer, survival, and training modes where the last one standing is triumphant.

An adventurous journey is allocated to the players with 20-plus maps and locations where the players have to make their fate with multiple helping features along with futuristic high-tech weapons. Moreover, you can also check the Mini Militia Old Version 2015 and know more about the action-packed category.

Mini Militia Old Version for Android

Additionally, the game has a fixed mechanism for errors, lag, and advertisements. Most action-play games with highly modulated functionality demand ample device storage but the old version of mini militia is made free from it. It is storage-friendly and highly compatible with the users’ devices along with IOS supportive mechanics.

Likewise, the gameplay is very engaging with appraisable multiplicity. Moreover, for the all-in-one feature, the Mini Militia-Doodle Army is offering a 2D battleship dome with thrilling graphics. It is also heightened in effects, animations, and lively themes that also keep users engaged in the gameplay by adding a realistic touch and real physics. 

Moreover, enjoying a multiplier doodle army battling simulation with Mini Militia Cheat Old Version is a surplus source of fun for millions of players of this game. The tested module with a perpetually upgraded technical reform remained the core conduct of the game from the Mini Militia 1st Version download to the Mini Militia All Versions.

Mini Militia Old Version Overview

There is no match for this action genre game mini militia for its technical excellence that is upgraded by the developers with continuous intervals and marked to a next-level proficiency. So, an unmatchable mod with required accessories, consoles, and tools. In addition, now you can also download mini militia apk ios.

Addictive Gameplay

Addictive Gameplay

One of the leading features that the Mini Militia-Doodle Army is offering to its players is the fully engaging gameplay with multiple admirable facets in it. Apart from the easy and simple running, the gameplay involves a multiplicity of modes, moves, and tactics that differentiate its battleship arena from the other action genre games.

Players are provided with a mission of securing the fantasy Doodle land from evils that are snuffing the charm of the land. Being the protector of your land you have to keep it fully intact from their evil ambitions.

For this, you are provided multiple deadly weapons, flying power, and in-build game boosters that can help you in your way. Additionally, it allows the players to make allies with multiple players and indulge in an exhilarating fighting mode with their army.

Mini Militia Old Version Addictive Gameplay

There you are provided with an exciting offline mode with multiplayer ability by which you can make your friends and family members part of your game. The game needs full strategic involvement by the players and its epic battleship slots are blasters in themselves that can only be won by super strategies and tactics.

Additionally, the game is full of deadly weapons where destructive pistols, 7x zooming guns, grenades, and other highly powerful weapons are included. Also, players get additional flying boosting boxes and health in the game that lies at various locations along with various guns.

Likewise, the strategic strokes with various psychological constructs in them are winning the hearts of millions of battleship simulation enthusiasts by providing them with the best deathmatch mode. This model is not restricted to the single-player play station but there lies a major multiplayer involvement with the basic AI player’s access as well as the real-time player’s access.

Download Mini Militia Old Versions Hack

Knowing the opponents’ locations with weapons zooming ability along with navigation ability is also really interesting. All-in-all, the game offers a powerful battleship arena with evolving strategies, tactics, and modes. For more battleship maneuvers you can also go with Mini Militia Old Version Mod Apk.

Compelling Storyline

Compelling Storyline

Unlike other shooting simulations the Mini Militia Old Version has a compelling storyline that gives a strong fighting motive to all its players with an incentive to save their kingdom from zombies’ invasion. A perfect narrative is there to keep the players fully focused on their pacifist missions but with the opposite killing approach.

You are provided various animated characters and highly enchanted locations with 20-plus maps full of greenery, life, and beautiful visuals. The maps are distinguishingly adjusted with their unique attributes and each has its specifications and the power of super-saturated strokes to add novelty and refreshing touch to the game.  

Mini Militia Old Version Compelling Storyline

The game gets further hypnotized with various super-attacking tactics that are fully controllable and utilized as realistic power strokes. The perfect narrative to follow, a strong motive, powerful attacking, and tactical strokes are the most demanding facets that make users crazy about the game, and making all available in a single place is another more compelling allocation of this game.

Additionally, exercising masterly control over multiple locations and the drive of saving innocent people from deadly evils also attracts the players. Likewise, the ability to make followers and exercise heroic powers by being the leading force of your kingdom also keeps the players engaged in the game. For supplementary enchanting strikes, download the Mini Militia Old Version 2016 on your android and enjoy your time. We also recommend you to download mini militia apk pc.



The game is absolutely fun for multiple players around the world and performs a great role in keeping people engaged in addictive gameplay. It is a tension-release factor and a perfect time killer for many people and they are showing their love by placing evaluative reviews about the game. Peter along with Juvannie and millions of other users has categorized the game among the top-rated action and adventure sequel genres and is satisfied with its functionality and working.

But, there are also some points that the users have mentioned for correction so that a smooth and fast-paced play, full of thrill and amusement must be maintained. The lags, restrictions, and weapons upgrading methods are annoying the people and causing a disturbance in their user-friendly experience. So, these things should be corrected as soon as possible.

Features Of Mini Militia Old Version-Doodle Army 2

The Mini Militia Old Version-doodle army is full of various smart features that give a cool touch to the game and enhance the playability of this epic combative arena.

Features of Mini Militia Old Version-Doodle Army 2

The features are really worth mentioning for the user-friendly approach and smooth operator mechanics. Let’s know about them in detail.

  • Visual and Graphics
  • Sound System
  • Strategic Strokes
  • Futuristic Shooting Tactics
  • Multiple Characters
  • Multiple Maps
  • Jetpack Action Sequel
  • Games’ Modes

Visual and Graphics

Visual and Graphics

The role of visuals in attracting the players stand at the peak as the screen and appearance matter a lot in catering to the adventure craze of the players. These features spot the realistic feel of mini militia hack apk and stimulate the players throughout the game.

The Mini Militia Old Version – doodle army is capable of conveying the epic combating appeal of the game to all the players with several associate features such as breathtaking graphics, lively animation effects, and appealing themes.

Visual and Graphics Of Mini Militia Old Version

Additionally, the graphics are also in accordance with the device console with full compatibility with IOS and android devices along with PCs. Unlike the other action games, this game does not imply a low-quality screen but an enhanced 2D perfection is used in the game that makes the players feel in a real-life battleship arena.

Likewise, the screen is made versatile with 1000-plus themes to add novelty in the view that doesn’t let the players get bored but keeps them fully engaged throughout the game.

Sound System

Sound System

The role of the sound system in enhancing the thrill and charm of the game also stands at the peak along with visuals and the Mini Militia Old Version-doodle army is not making slow pace in this respect too. There the sound system is heightened with not only a custom music gallery but also the players can create their own separate folders with their favorite songs in them.

It is also possible to play a background song along with an in-built sound system of the game that uplifts the game’s fun to the next level. Additionally, the gunplay, seasonal effects, wind whirls, and all the other effects are precise enough to add a real feel to the game. So, it also plays a supportive role in appealing to the players and making the game a real-life simulation.

Strategic Strokes

Strategic Strokes

What could be more interesting than enjoying a collaborative action-packed game with full strategic involvement? Play the Mini Militia Old Version-doodle army by collecting your mental skills and abilities into a whole and blow a strategic stroke upon your opponent and make them leave the battleship arena.

Exercise full control over the weapons or combine them to take a strategic move by which the hitting power, intensity, and damage ability get enhanced. Perform backstabs by blowing the superlative action stroked upon your opponents. Additionally, use multiple other strategic moves to win the battle, and the following things can be done to do so.

  • Pick two guns at once
  • Keep 4 grenades along with guns
  • Exchange weapons on wish without leveling up requirements
  • Be a highly ranged fighter
  • Strike from shadows
  • Combine two weapons for intense attacks

Futuristic Shooting Tactics

Futuristic Shooting Tactics

As the game is about action, thrill, combats, and epic fights and to sustain the powerful action hordes the Mini Militia Old Version-doodle army offers multiple stances that can be used in the fight. There are high-tech weapons, powerful artillery, grenades, and shelling cells along with shock machines and other arms to cast on the enemies. The weapons are full of technical advancements like zooming, intensity enhancers, and damage casters that help you in taking a perfect hit from distance.

Additionally, traps can be cast with the help of weapons by which a strategic move can be allocated with precision, and with 7x zooming, you can find the enemy in long maps. The extended range does not mean that there will be compromise on the damaged cast but with a mighty shield long-distance, the players can hit their target and put them to an end without letting them know about it.

Futuristic Shooting Tactics

Likewise, you can end the flying ability of the opponents by striking shocks with a shocking machine. The machine comes with penetrating power and a zooming ability that help in getting the target in range. Also, there is the power of putting the opponents out of nitro and deprived of their flying ability which is a great break for the players to attack their opponents with no chance of escape.

Moreover, the grenades are quite powerful with a gas blow that has the ability to such the life of your enemy. All-in-all, the weapons are well allocated in the game and are making the gameplay more addictive. So, get the mini militia mod apk old version 2019, and enjoy playing with multiple hitting tactics in your android for free of cost. We also have mini militia badges on our website.

Multiple Characters

Multiple Characters

Do you want to play your favorite doodle characters with absolute control? If yes then choose the Mini Militia Old Version-doodle army 2 for yourself and get all. There are multiple characters and all are fully customizable. With multiple streaming slots, the characters can be varied in look.

For example, to add fun in the battleship arena you can go with a funny outlook of your character or keep it simple. Additionally, the look can also be molded into romantic and fighting avatars along with dangerous ones. All these avatars are simply available in the menu that gets changes on clicks.

Versatility and Functionality Manifestation

Versatility and Functionality Manifestation

Lots of functional advancements are clearly manifested in the Mini Militia Old Version-doodle army without any compromise on a single slit. The loaded weapons, multiple characters, and unlimited strategic strokes do not mean there will be any compromise on the game’s functionality. The game is fully functional with fast-paced facets and it is clearly stated in its gameplay that is decorated with versatile gears. Let’s know about them in detail.

  • Safe to play
  • Fully optimized
  • Fully functional
  • No advertisements
  • No lags
  • Error-free
  • No rooting is needed
  • No need of Pre-registration
  • Free play

The game is made 100% free of cost by the developers without any concession in performance. Getting into the epic combative genre with multiple modes without any payment method is what makes the players crazy about the game. So, get it for free and if there is any website with payment requirements immediately then skip it and go for the genuine one.

Likewise, making users free from safety concerns along with no rooting, no lag, and error-free mechanics is really amazing. Most people skip the game due to its risky pre-registration hikes and rooting damages but it is not the case with Mini Militia Old Version-doodle army. Additionally, it is made free from long advertisements and all the stopping slots.

Multiple Maps

Multiple Maps

Survive in various fantasy maps of the game and choose among its deserted, icebox, and various other map locations. There are multiple maps in the game and each has its own mechanics, slots, and attributes. You can go with a subdivision map if you want to play in a vast location. Also, bottleneck, snow blind, and pyramid locals are also there in the game.

mini militia full view of maps

Each has an enhanced and fanciful image and is fully engaging. The versatility allocates fun by relieving the players from getting bored in the same kind of location. Likewise, no escape is the longest map that is perfect for team play along with so-long, and overseer.

Jetpack Action Sequel

Jetpack Action Sequel

There is a unique jetpack action sequel in the mini militia game that is actually a flying chase sequel. Unlike the other games, this game offers the players to be in continuous flying mode with a fast boosting slot. Additionally, the slot can be expanded with a separate jet box that makes the players fly long without getting the power minimization. It is really interesting to shoot the enemies with a flying chase mechanism along with running and walking.

Interactive UI

Interactive UI

One of the major and superlative slots of the Mini Militia Old version Hack is the interactive UI that keeps the players fully engaged in the gameplay by offering them simple yet awe-inspiring access to the trendy battling modes. Additionally, it allows the players to access their favorite simulation with very quick and smartly-paced touchscreen operatory mechanics that are also highly appraisable and an unbeatable slot of this hacked version.

Mini Militia Hacks

Mini Militia Hacks

The Mini Militia Old Version comes with highly pacified hacks that are allocated to this game by the developers so that it can ensure the strategic involvement of the players in the gameplay of this hub with more powerful and highly effective helping stats. The mini militia hacks are the most demanding helping stats that the player wished to access so that they can stand firm and more coherent on the battlefield and that too with a professional add. There are unlimited and helping slits that are working in this respect to make this game as per the desired hacks menu for the players. Let’s know about these hacks too.

  • Penetrating power
  • Beyond the wall view
  • Invisibility slot
  • Immortality mode
  • Invisible rockets
  • Quick boosters
  • Unlimited everything hack
  • Limitless cheats
  • Free shopping
  • A varied range of premium slits

Games’ Modes

Games’ Modes

The most sensational element of the game is the versatile mode play that does only make it playable but also gives an incentive to its players to get attracted towards it. These modes are really charming resources for getting entertained anytime. They are fully capable of making you dive deep into its gameplay. There are 2 basic modes offline and online with 3 fundamental subdivisions quick, solo, and multiplayer. Also, there is an additional god mod with supernatural abilities in it. Let’s know about them in detail.

  • Training Mode
  • Survival Mode
  • Multiplayer Mode

Training Mode

If you are a beginner then the training mode of solo play will help you out in knowing the rules, tactics, and fighting moves. The serge will be talking and subtitle availability will perfectly make you the master of the battleship arena with correct arrows, and a full guiding manual. To get a master in your battling fate the training mode remains really helpful.

Training Mode

Survival Mode

Enjoy the enhanced fighting mechanics in the offline mode of the game and boost your battling skills in its survival mode. In this mode, you are assisted in leading the team with serge where you have to face multiple strong opponents and have to bow them down to death by evolving your skills.

mini militia old version Survival Mode

The survival mode in itself is great fun to play like multiplayer even if there is no player available. It is the perfect mode to show your tactics, abilities, and skills along with exploring the weapons and other strategic strokes perfectly.

Multiplayer Mode

The multiplayer mode of the Mini Militia Old Version-doodle army 2 is the expanded one with its additional playing stations like deathmatch. There are also survival and custom modes with different schedules and schemes but the most enchanted one is the deathmatch. It is the most in-demand playing station and has a stretched appeal.

Multiplayer Mode

In this mode, the players get the freedom of adding the desired players along with their friends and family members and enjoy the ultimate fun. There is nothing to get irritated with but all the mechanics are fully maintained on touchscreen controls. Additionally, it is very easy to play the offline multiplayer mode of the game and get into epic combat with good players.

Mini Militia God Mod

Moreover, there is another interesting mod that is also playing a key role in enhanced fun of the mini militia old version and it is the god mod. The mod is predominantly notable for hidden assortments and powers that allow the players to entertain some magical spells in the game and enjoy the game to the fullest sense.

Mini Militia God Mod

Additionally, this mode makes the players able to penetrate walls and other solid hindrances along with other heightened slots like, getting immortality powers, activating a protective shield to be firm, and casting magical strokes to put the opponents’ waves to death whenever you feel under pressure. So, for the mini militia god mod apk, download the old version and enjoy all the supreme powers beyond any restricted mechanism of the original unmodified version. 

How to Play Offline Multiplayer Mode?

Offline Multiplayer Mode

One of the most raised questions about the Mini Militia Old Version-doodle army is related to its offline play, particularly about making allies in offline mode. As the game is a fully supportive offline module that can be easily operated and played at enhanced convenience without an active internet connection.

Most of the players seem conscious about allies play which is the charm of the Mini Militia and consider that due to the offline support there will be no multiplayer playing station in the game. But the Mini Militia Old Version works the opposite as it is a strong play station with all the necessary tools and accessories.

How to Play Offline Multiplayer Mode

The Mini Militia-doddle army old version does not only support the offline multiplayer option but also allocates an enhanced perfection in it by allowing room creation. Yes, you can create a separate room where you can add your friends and family members and start a play with them either by making them a part of your team or playing against them.

For this, you have to follow a few very simple steps that are stipulated on the touchscreen mechanism. You will get all done in this article along with a full-on guide on how to play the offline multiplayer mode in Mini Militia Old Version.

  • Click to open the Mini Militia game.
  • Turn the data on if you are hosting the play.
  • If you are joining the match then turn the Wi-Fi option on.
  • Click the games’ screen twice.
  • The quick play, multiplayer, and solo play options will appear.
  • Click the multiplayer option.
  • Go with the deathmatch option.
  • Click the Lan-Wi-Fi option to play offline.
  • Add your friends or other players with whom you want to play.
  • Select the desired map.
  • Decide battleship time.
  • Start the game.
  • Wait for a few seconds and get ready to go.

Robust Attacking Mechanics of Mini Militia Old Version-Doodle Army 2

If you are searching for engaging attacking mechanics then the Mini Militia Old Version-doodle army will suit you the most. The game is providing a rich diving platform to its users that are more than enough to get them out of boredom with its multi-purpose confronting tags. There the players are provided with multiple fighting arrows and bows along with various rocket boosts. By this, you can unleash a powerful hit on enemies and put them down to death.

Robust Attacking Mechanics Of Mini Militia Old Version-Doodle Army 2

Additionally, to stand as the last worrier you are allowed to pick multiple attacking tools at once by that you don’t face the issue of running out of gunshots. Likewise, you can hide and attack opponents along with knowing their location which is also a good attacking mechanic. Also, you can do the following.

Make Armies

Make Armies

To protect your beautiful land make an army, get in the training sessions, practice powerful attacking tactics, and rise your nation up. Clear your land from enemies by putting the last bit down to death.

Utilize hunting skills

Utilize hunting skills

Take a strict count of your enemies’ location and run a to-the-point attack by utilizing the hunting mechanics of the Mini Militia Old Version-doodle army. The hunter’s skills are useful in navigation and remain really helpful in attacking mechanics throughout the battleship arena by making you survive as the last warrior.



Getting some quick health advantages assures your sustenance in the gameplay and helps you in being the last one standing in the battleship. No matter how much damage you have gone through, the sniper cell can make you able to better-attacking strokes without taking care of the damage.



Decorate your land with some magical spells and make it free from negative spirits by performing the role of spell casters. Clear the enemy waves with some magical constructs and be the winner of the game.

Pros and Cons of Mini Militia Old Version-Doodle Army 2

We have also covered the pros and cons of the Mini Militia Old Version-doodle army 2 in this article to give a deep insight into the game. Let’s also know them too.

  • The game offers addictive gameplay.
  • There are multiple modes to play.
  • A full instruction manual to learn about the game is also provided in training mode with serge.
  • It is fully safe and free from errors.
  • Powerful strategic tactics are involved in the game.
  • It can be played with 16 players
  • Offline multiplayer support
  • A perfect time-killer
  • To change the mode you have to skip the game and get into it again.
  • Playtime is restricted to 15 minutes.

How to Download Mini Militia Old Version?

If you want to download the Mini Militia Old Version safely on your android device then our website link will prove to be the best incentive for this. Here you will be fully guided to get advanced in the game from downloading to playing. There are only a few steps that are involved in its downloading process you need to follow them and get it all done on clicks.

  • Tap to open chrome on your android device.
  • Write Mini Militia Old Version and search for it.
  • You will see multiple results relate
  • Find the official source and open the website.
  • Scroll down the article and find the downloading button and click it.

By following these 5 very easy-to-follow steps you get all done related to the downloading process. The only thing to be taken into account is to find the original website or the source. For this, we are also offering an easy-to-get official link to our website.

How to Install the Mini Militia Old Version?

The basic step of installing the Mini Militia Old Version goes with checking for unknown resources access or third-party allows options. It is necessary to activate this option as it makes the installation process free from all the problematic concerns and ensured a smooth installation process. Now, what should we do to install the Mini Militia Old Version is what makes users tense. But, you will get fully guided in this step too. So, follow a few steps to install it.

  • Let the Mini Militia Old Version get downloaded
  • Go to the download folder and find the zip file over here.
  • Click the file to open it.
  • Allow the installation process by clicking the access option.
instaling process
  • Let the installation process complete and get it all done.
installation process complete

These few very simple and easy steps are involved in the installation process of the Mini Militia Old Version and after this, you will get quick access to the top battleship arena. There is no need of spending money or pay. If there is any source that required a payment method then you avoid it and don’t go for it. Also, you can check the Mini Militia Old Version 2018 for your android.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Download the Mini Militia Old Version from our website with a very simple click-to-install process from our website’s link and get it easily.

To cheat on mini militia you need to install its latest mod apk from any of the secure third-party sources but it cannot be played with Mini Militia Old Version as it is the originally developed gaming hub. So, do not offers cheats and hacks.

Yes, the Mini Militia Old Version is strongly developed with offline mode compatibility to assure secure and safe gameplay without the need for a strong internet connection.

The Mini Militia Old Version is a multiplayer game with a capacity of 6 to 12 players allies at one time in its offline mode while the room creation can be expanded up to 16 players in deathmatch playing mode.

Yes, the Mini Militia Old Version is a fully optimized gaming platform with rich functionality, anti-malware programs, and a strongly fixed mechanism for errors, lags, and advertisements that make it 100% safe and free from errors.

Final Verdict

To conclude, the Mini Militia Old Version is the worth time-killing action sequel gaming hub for all adventure genre lovers and worthy to decorate your time with enchanting fun and amusements. The game is full of multiple functional tools to ensure smooth running along with versatile action elements and to enhance the addictiveness of the gameplay it also offers limitless mod features as mentioned above. For more advanced mod features check out Mini Militia Hack version 2017.

All-in-all, the old version of Mini Militia is a worth-downloading battleship game with all the desired features, functions, and accessories in it along with charming gameplay that can eradicate your boredom. Additionally, getting such an amazing construct at no cost is also an aspiring feature for which most of the players longed. So, download the Mini Militia Old Version for enhanced fun and get fully amazed by it.

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